‘Super CJ’ Has Monster Weekend in Bark River, 10 Wins in a Row

TORC-The Off Road Championship rounds 9 and 10 took place in the upper peninsula of Michigan on one of the most demanding tracks on the circuit and one of the Duo of Johnny and CJ Greaves’ favorite tracks: Bark River International Raceway. The reason it is one of their favorites is because they have had a lot of success there. This past weekend was no exception… it fact, CJ made it another “Monster” weekend by coming away with a sweep in Pro-2 and Pro-4 in a repeat performance from 2-weeks ago at ERX Motor Park. CJ continues to make his mark on the record book by pulling an incredible 10 consecutive wins in combined Pro-2 and Pro-4. His wins in rounds 9 and 10 edged him ahead of his dad in the points by a narrow 4 point margin in Pro-4 and he pulled away to a 24 point lead in Pro-2. Johnny lost 4-wheel drive on Saturday, but stayed on the track to collect some valuable points. He finished 6th. Sunday, he lead most of the race when a fuel pump issue slowed him. Johnny was able to hold on to take the 2nd place finish behind CJ.

CJ Greaves celebrates following his Pro-4 sweep in Bark River.
CJ Greaves celebrates following his Pro-4 sweep in Bark River.

“We always knew that he [CJ] would be a very competitive racer someday… I guess we sort of created a ‘Super CJ'” said Johnny with a smile following the race on Sunday.

Bark River provides some very exciting racing with its long sweeping corners and wide runs and the longest jump on the schedule. It also provides opportunities to be patient and setup passes in advance. CJ’s smooth patient style is well suited for this track. Johnny has run over 50 races at Bark River and won a ton of them.

Eight trucks lined-up for the 2×2 rolling start in Pro-2 on Saturday. CJ, in his black and green Monster Energy/ Maxxis Tire/ Toyota, and fellow young gun, Keegan Kincaid started from the 3rd row. Keegan and CJ quickly moved to the top 2 positions and pulled away to more than 12 second from the rest of the field. CJ made a charge at Keegan but was not able to pass at the start/finish line as the competition caution flag flew at the halfway point of the race.

On the restart, Keegan and CJ checked out again and they carried a big lead into lap 6. On lap 7, CJ made his move for the lead. He made the pass and apparently Keegan lost vision in CJ’s roost because he went off the track and lost several spots and may have lost power steering in the process. CJ cruised on to victory.

6th consecutive win for CJ Greaves in Pro-2.
6th consecutive win for CJ Greaves in Pro-2.

“I was just being patient and trying to figure the track out,” said Greaves following the race. “Then the entire package just came together.”

CJ hustled off the podium to climb into his Maxxis Tire/ Toyota Pro-4. Chad Hord took the lead before the end of lap 1. Bad luck struck Johnny as he lost 4-wheel drive early. Disaster almost struck CJ too. On lap 3, CJ made the pass on Ross Hoek. As he checked up to take the curve, Hoek slammed into the left rear of CJ. Fortunately the damage was only cosmetic. CJ continue to work his way to the front and almost passed Scott Douglas at the competition caution.

When the green flag flew, CJ quickly went to work on Douglas, going side-by-side. CJ showed a lot of patience, backing off to fight again at another turn. At the end of lap 5, he was able to make the pass. With 2 laps to spare, CJ took the lead from Hord and his 5th Pro-4 win!

Beautiful Michigan skies, “beautiful dirt,” and exciting racing was on tap for Sunday at Bark River. CJ and Keegan Kincaid once again dominated the field. CJ passed Keegan just before the competition caution and went on to take the win. This was his 6th consecutive win in Pro-2.

“I don’t have a real strategy–just take one lap at a time,” said CJ regarding his remarkable streak.

Eight trucks lined up for the Pro-4. CJ was looking for another perfect weekend. Chad Hord took the lead with Johnny Greaves on his bumper by lap 2. CJ was patiently working his way to the front. Hord landed hard off of one of the big jumps and blew his right rear tire. Johnny took the lead before the competition caution while CJ landed in 2nd.

CJ and Johnny went nose to tail until 2 laps to go when Johnny began to experience fuel pump problems. The two Greaves were side-by-side in the cemetery turn with CJ finally making the pass for the lead. Johnny was able to hold on to 2nd. CJ completed the incredible 10 race winning streak and the second Pro-2/Pro-4 sweep in a row. CJ pushed ahead of Johnny in the standings too–by 4 points.

The Greaves Duo will head South to the racing Mecca of Charlotte, North Carolina on August 19th–20th.