2008 Season Race Reports

2008 CORR Series Record / Johnny Greaves

RoundLocationPro 4 ClassPro 2 Class
1Pomona, CA2DNF
2Pomona, CA5DNF
3Primm, NV15
4Primm, NVDNF4
5Pomona, CA411
6Pomona, CADNF5
7Chula Vista, CA26
8Chula Vista, CA9NA
9Pomona, CA97
10Pomona, CA10DNF
11Chula Vista, CA33
12Chula Vista, CA2DNF

2008 WSORR Series Record

RoundLocationPro 4×4Pro 2WD
3Crandon International Raceway15
4Crandon International Raceway12
11Crandon International Raceway1NA
12Crandon International Raceway1NA
Johnny Greaves 2008 CORR season in Pomona CA

Johnny G Puts It On The Podium in Pro-4 CORR Round One at Pomona – Pro-2 Debut Delayed to Round Two

CORR Jason Baldwin Memorial Cup Pro-2 & Pro-4 Qualifiers | LA County Fairplex

Pomona, CA (April 26, 2008) – Johnny Greaves started his Championship Off-Road Racing season off with a second place finish in the Pro-4 Class. The veteran Monster Energy Potawatomi racer put the familiar TRD Toyota Tundra in a great position to compete for the 2008 CORR title. A crash in the Pro-2 practice sidelined Greaves in the much awaited Pro-2 class debut.

Greaves started in the 3rd qualifying position and had a quick battle with veteran Scott Douglas and teammate Rick Huseman to move cleanly into second by the 5th lap. The whoop section was knarly and rough and Greaves held on the gas to pass Douglas for second an in a winning position by the mandatory caution lap. After the caution, Greaves held tight against leader Carl Renezeder until he over-jumped a whoop and nosed hard into the third whoop with his front bumper. This gave Renezeder the break he needed and Greaves finished a strong second to start the season.

“My Tundra really ran great for the first race, I just got a little aggressive in the whoops late in the race and did not have time to get back on Carl before the checkered,” stated a smiling Greaves from the podium. “I can’t wait until tomorrow when we go at it again.”

The race was broadcast live on SPEED and Greaves put on a very aggressive race for the fans as expected. Johnny will have another chance at debuting the new Tundra Pro-2 on Sunday.

Despite Challenges, Greaves Runs Strong but Comes Up Short in CORR Round 2 at Pomona

CORR Round 2 Pro-2 & Pro-4 | LA County Fairplex

Pomona, CA (April 27, 2008) – Johnny Greaves put his Monster Energy Potawatomi Toyota team into position to get podium finishes in both the Pro-2 and Pro-4 classes only to get “sidetracked” along the way in both. The new Toyota Pro-2 (it was build in only 25 days – start to finish) was ready to roll but the track crew at Pomona watered the track right before qualifying and put Greaves in a 17th place start position. Johnny worked his way through the pack and by lap 5 was in the top 7 and challenging for a competitive run at the leaders. Just as he was closing in on Jeremy McGrath for 6th position, he pulled the Monster backed truck off the track with a transmission issue.

“The new Toyota power plant was really running well and I thought I might get through the crowd for a strong finish, but we still have some testing left in the new truck to get it exactly the way I need it to be,” stated a disappointed Greaves. “I am really happy though, with the way she ran and the prospects for this truck. My BF Goodrich Tires really worked great on both trucks this weekend.”

On the more familiar Pro-4 side of things, Johnny started in 4th position beside Carl Renezeder. The Monster Energy Potawatomi Toyota wasted little time in passing Carl for the third position and then went after a fast moving Scott Douglas for second spot behind Rick Huseman. After the mandatory caution lap, Greaves started to make one of his patented comebacks when he went up on two wheels, and almost rolling the Tundra. He then battled back and was in fourth place when he came into the turn at the end of the whoops a little hot and almost rolled again – this time spinning out and losing several positions. He finished the race in 5th.

“We have a little suspension tuning to do yet, but I just came in too hard a few times trying to get out front,” stated Greaves. “Overall, I am always disappointed not to get a win but with the weekend results, at least we are still in the hunt and I plan on winning a title with this team and this weekend is part of the process.”

All-in-all this was a solid start with the new Monster Energy Potawatomi Toyota Pro-2 in the Greaves’ pit and with all the long hours that it took to pull this off in three weeks, it was encouraging for Greaves fans. Look for Johnny Greaves on the podium in both classes in Primm next month.

Greaves Delivers a Solid Win in Pro-4 CORR at Monster Bash in the Nevada Desert

CORR Pro-4 Rounds 3 and 4 | Primm, NV

Primm, NV (May 17, 2008) – – The weather was hot and the racing was even hotter as BF Goodrich shod Johnny Greaves put the Monster Energy Potawatomi Toyota Tundra Pro-4 at the top of the podium for the first time in the 2008 season here in CORR round 3. Greaves out maneuvered a very fast Rick Huseman to take the win.

On Sunday, Greaves was hit hard on the first lap and was unable to finish the race after a front row qualifying position.

“It’s great to be back in the winner’s circle again for the fans and sponsors who came out to support us. I ran a little less air pressure in my BF Goodrich tires and it seemed to have paid-off,” stated a happy Greaves from the podium. “Fox Shox has really worked hard to get my new Tundra set up well for this kind of track and it paid off this weekend.”

Greaves started in the 7th position after the mandatory inversion by CORR officials and worked his way through the pack in classic Greaves style that his fans have grown accustomed to. Adrian Cenni had the early lead until Douglas made his move on the lead. Douglas was fast on Saturday, but not fast enough to hold off Greaves Tundra as Greaves made the pass on the 5th lap. Rick Huseman worked his way to second by the time the mandatory caution came out and the stage was set for a Toyota Shoot-out in the desert heat. As the green flag flew, Huseman made a hard charge in turn three but spun-out, giving Greaves the breathing room he needed to seal the victory.

Greaves Makes a Believer Out of the Naysayers with Strong Pro-2 Performance in Primm

CORR Pro-2 Round 3 and 4 | Primm, NV

Primm, NV (May 17, 2008) – Johnny Greaves had a very strong showing in CORR Round 3 and 4 in Primm, Nevada with some blistering qualifying times and impressive finishes in both days of racing against CORR’s elite drivers with his new Monster Energy Potatwatomi Toyota Pro-2 truck. Las Vegas odds makers had Greaves at an 8 to 1 long shot on Saturday. However after watching this machine in action, Sunday the odds makers had him almost the favorite at 2 to 1.

On Saturday, Greaves put everyone on notice that he was not to be discounted when he set the fastest practice times of the day. He had to qualify on a muddy track and was unable to repeat the feat during qualifying but was still able to start on the first row, due to CORR inverting the starting positions. Greaves led the race until he spun-out in turn three on the second lap. After that he put the new Tundra in forward motion and climbed his way into 5th position to end the race.

On Sunday, Greaves set the fasted qualifying lap time and was set to be on the pole until CORR inverted the top 8 starting positions, giving Greaves a start on the 5th row. Through a “slugfest” of a race, Johnny continued to gain ground and finished 4th, finishing a solid weekend of racing.

“I am really proud of where we are with the development of the new Pro-2,” stated Greaves. “TRD has really stepped-up and given me a great motor to work with and I knew it was just a matter of time before we have her on the podium for a win. This week I really got banged up in a few turns and did not come out the way we wanted but that is going to happen in short-course racing we just have to win more that we loose in that regard. Getting some top lap-times in shows we have the speed and the equipment to run out front and I intend on doing just that next race in Pomona.”

Greaves Puts Up “A Monster of a Performance” in Pomona, Bad Luck Still Lingering

CORR Pro-4 Rounds 6 | Pomona, CA

Pomona, CA (June 8,2008) – Johnny Greaves drove his two Monster Energy Potawatomi Toyotas with great passion and valor this Sunday tuning in an impressive performance in the Pro-2 class and leading the Pro-4 class for 10 laps until his front end failed. The fans at Pomona greeted Greaves in the pits after each race with the enthusiasm as if he had won, reminding everyone that the Monster Energy Potawatomi Toyota star is still recognized for his hard driving performances even when he don’t win the race.

“The fans here have just been awesome all weekend and I thought I was sitting great in the race to bring one home for the team,” stated Greaves after the Pro-4 race on Sunday. “It just wasn’t in the cards, I guess. But we know we can win and I can’t wait for the rest of the season to unfold.”

In the Pro-2 race, Greaves started near the back in the 13 position. He battled hard throughout the race and managed to get to about 8th by the caution. After the green flag flew following the mandatory competition caution, Greaves went to work and started picking off positions like Greaves fans have come to expect from this multi-class champion. By the checkered flag lap, Greaves had the BF Goodrich shod Tundra sitting in 5th position. While Johnny would have loved to be on the podium, it was a great comeback to get into the top 5.

In the Pro-4 class, Johnny G started on the third row but wasted little time moving the big Tundra into the lead by the second lap! Rick Huesman trailed in second and the Toyota show was on with Greaves and Huesman pulling a huge gap on the rest of the field. This lasted until the mandatory caution came out on lap 10 and Greaves sadly pulled to the side and let Huesman by. Greaves’ front end had been damaged and he could not continue the race.

“I knew on lap 10 that I had an issue with the truck because I was hearing some bad noises,” stated a disappointed Greaves. “We told Huesman on the radio not to get too close since we were about to break and we did not want it to cause a big pile-up for the field. My Tundra ran absolutely great today and the boys at Fox Shox did a great job getting my BFG’s to really stay hooked up,” Greaves continued. “I just can’t say enough about the Toyota guys too, since both my trucks ran so good this weekend. I just wish we could have kept it out front once we got there. We have a good second half of the season ahead of us – I can feel it.”

CORR Pro-4 Rounds 5 | Pomona, CA

Team Monster Energy Potowatomi Toyota Steals Show Saturday at the LA Fairplex in Wild Ride for Johnny Greaves

Pomona, CA (June 7,2008) – The racing in Round five of the CORR series was wild and crazy in every class Saturday with the Monster Energy Potawatomi Toyota team of Johnny Greaves in the middle of all the action. Greaves put on a “classic Johnny Greaves race” that had the crown on its feet the entire race. Johnny came from the very last starting position all the way to the front to lead on the last lap until a front axle failure in the last turn, giving him 4th overall in the Pro-4 class. Greaves traded lots of paint in the Pro-2 class before limping across the line, wounded for an 11th place finish.

“Overall, it was a fun day out there,” said Greaves. “The Pro-4 race was my kind of race and it was great to come all the way from the back again. My BFGoodrich, KMC tires and wheels were hooking up and I just went to work. There were a lot of my great sponsors here and I really wanted to show them what we could do. I just wish my front end could have made one more turn at the checkered.” Greaves continued, “I had this one but with all that banging with the gang – anything could have broken – I just wish it would have waited another turn.”

The Pro-4 race started with Greaves in last position due to a qualifying spin-out on a wet track earlier Saturday morning. Greaves wasted no time making his move on the field and by the caution lap he had put the Tundra in 4th place behind Douglas, LeDuc and Renezeder. Johnny made his move on the second lap after the caution and things got rough as he passed both Douglas and Leduc amid lots of banging and grinding, sending the fans over the top. Finally, with about three laps left Greaves started setting up Renezeder for the pass on the lead and did so with two laps left. Carl made a rough pass back on Greaves and going into the last lap Renezeder had the lead. Greaves made his best move of the race in turn three and passed Renezeder for the apparent winning position. Leading going in to the last turn and the race in hand, something in the front end gave way and sent the Tundra spinning out in the last turn. He was able to limp across for 4th.

In the Pro-2 class Greaves started on the 5th row and was making a charge on the leaders, making a battle for 4th before the caution. Greaves spun out in the last turn before the caution putting him in 6th at the break. After the caution, things got wild for the veteran Greaves when he tangled with several trucks in the pit and damaging the Toyota Pro-2. That point Greaves had to limp in for 11th and get the boys working on the Toyota for Sunday’s race.

“WOW!” stated a proud Gary Reed of Toyota. “That was the Johnny Greaves I know out there today. I knew when we made it to the top 5 by the caution lap that Johnny was going to make a run for it and he did not disappoint the crowd today.”

Greaves will go at it again on Sunday in Pomona. Look for an intense Johnny Greaves as the season settles in and he really focuses on his charge for the title. “We are still tweaking on the Pro-2 and my Pro-4 is working well so I am ready to do what we do – win,” says Greaves while signing autographs from the pits.

CORR Pro 4 and Pro 2 | Chula Vista, CA

Greaves Gets another Podium at a Sold-Out Chula Vista CORR Round 7, a Heartbreaker in Round 8

Chula Vista, CA (August 4, 2008) – The Monster Energy Potawatomi Toyota CORR Team of Johnny Greaves had a hard working weekend at rounds 7 and 8 of CORR at Chula Vista with a second place finish in the Pro 4 race on Saturday and a heart-breaking last lap mechanical failure while out front by a mile with the checkered flag waiving on Sunday. The Pro 2 truck was much improved, but there too, the Monster Team had issues with the steering and left the team disappointed in the weekends results.

“My Toyota Pro 4 is really running great and I felt strong all weekend,” stated Greaves. “I knew I could get around Carl [Renezeder] on Saturday but the yellow flags just kept coming out on every lap so I had to take second,” continued Greaves after Saturday’s Pro 4 race.

Greaves started the weekend with a strong run in the Pro 2 race where he has been testing and building that program all year. He finished a close 6th on Saturday. He has been working with a new transmission and gearing and it seems to be improving daily. In the Pro 4 Race on Saturday, Greaves qualified with the fastest time and started the race in 4th after the invert. He quickly passed into second behind Renezeder where he finished the race. “Every time I got into a passing position a full course yellow flag would come out and that was really frustrating since I knew my Tundra was strong,” stated Greaves. A second place podium finish was good but Johnny knew he had the speed to get to the front.

On Sunday, Greaves put the BF Goodrich shod Pro 2 into the pole position by qualifying third, a much improved performance from the new machine. However, Greaves had an issue with the rear-end during qualifying. With only 15 minutes until the start of the Pro 2 race, that left only short period of time for the crew to work on the issue. The crew scrambled but due to an incorrect assembly, Johnny broke an axle and failed to be ready for the start of the race. “I was very disappointed that we ran into such a time-crunch,” Greaves explained. “My team worked as fast as they could, but when you have to hurry it often leads to mistakes.” Greaves had to sit this one out.

In the Pro 4 Class, Greaves jumped out to an early lead and bested the field for the entire race until the last lap mechanical issue. The Toyota was at least 8 seconds ahead of Carl Renezeder throughout the race. On the last lap, the steering belt broke and Greaves limped in for an 8th place finish. “I was just sick,” stated Greaves. “We finally put the team out front for an entire race and this happened. But I’ll be back, this Pro 4 is really running strong and we will have better days ahead,”

Greaves is still in the championship hunt in the Pro 4 class with 8 rounds remaining. He is currently in 4th place for the series points race. The Pro 2 is showing great improvement and should be strong the rest of the year.

CORR Pro 4 and Pro 2 | Pomona, CA | Watch Video of the Crash

Greaves Has Horrifying Crash at Pomona CORR Round 9

Pomona, CA (August 16, 2008) – Monster Energy Potawatomi Toyota’s Johnny Greaves didn’t disappoint the sellout crowd in Pomona or the live SPEED television audience that tuned-in to get their weekend dose of Monster adrenaline. After a strong performance in the Pro 2 class Greaves took charge early in the Pro 4 class but a driveshaft issue caused him to give up the lead and send him to the rear of the pack. On the last lap, Greaves got airborne after getting together with Ed Herbst in turn one and rolled – in the air – no less than 8 times before pounding the asphalt section at Pomona. The crowd was stunned as Greaves was removed from the truck and carted off in the ambulance to Pomona Valley Medical Center, where he was treated and released with minor bruises and a very bad looking right eye.

“I thought my eye was coming out of my head when the spinning stopped and I was trying to keep pressure on it,” stated a shook-up Greaves after returning from the hospital. “I guess I may have given myself a black eye. I was disappointed not to get this win for the fans, but I’m really just glad to be here after that one,” Greaves continued.

Greaves ran a strong race in the Pro 4 after starting in the 5th position. He quickly worked his way to the front and had the lead on Kyle LeDuc as the race resumed after the mandatory competition caution. On the first lap after the caution, LeDuc made the pass in turn 5 as Greaves lost his front drive. Then Scott Douglas hit Greaves in turn one causing the Tundra of Greaves to spin out and go to the back due to his mechanical issues. The crash occurred on the last lap as Ed Herbst and Greaves were side by side in turn one and the Herbst truck hit Greaves’ Toyota while already airborne. This sent Greaves flying and the rest is history.

CORR Rounds 11 and 12 | Chula Vista, CA

Greaves Battles in the Quarry to Put the Tundra Back On the Podium in CORR Round 12

Chula Vista, CA (September 14, 2008) – Johnny Greaves finished another great weekend of CORR racing by putting his Monster Energy Potawatomi Tundra Pro 4 back on the podium and sending a strong message to the crowd that the Monster Energy Toyota Pro 2 is now up to speed and ready to compete from the front. Greaves finished 2nd in the Pro 4 event with a “photo finish” with Kyle LeDuc at the checkered. This capped-off a strong weekend for the BFGoodrich driver in both classes with podium finishes in 3 out of 4 races.

“I’m a little disappointed that we did not get the win today, but with all the close action out there we came out of the weekend with some pretty consistent finishes,” stated Greaves. “All in all it was a very solid weekend and I am really glad I didn’t look up and see that ambulance coming after me in the middle of the race again,” Greaves laughed, referring to the last two events where he dazzled the cameras with horrific crashes.

In the Pro 2 race, Greaves was the pole sitter, but the CORR inversion put him on the third row in 6th. He quickly made strong passes and worked his way all the way to second by the competition caution. After the restart, McGrath got into Johnny in turn one and Greaves wisely backed off a little to keep from crashing out of the race. That contact led to a mechanical failure in the next turn at the bottom of the hill and Cenni got into Greaves, ending the day for the Pro 2. “The Pro 2 is getting there and while I am disappointed not to be back on the podium on Sunday, I know we are getting close to where we need to be to win this class soon,” Greaves added.

In the Pro 4, the inversion once again had the Monster Energy driver back in 6th place at the start. Greaves made another solid start in turns one and two and quickly moved into 4th behind Coyne, LeDuc, and Baldwin. After the restart, Greaves made strong clean passes on Baldwin and Coyne while Huseman passed into second. Late in the race Greaves came on strong and passed Huseman and Coyne and stalked down a fast Kyle LeDuc. On the last lap Johnny G made a strong comeback and by the last turn was side-by-side for the lead. But LeDuc had position and went on to cross the flag just ahead for the win.

“I should have gotten aggressive a few laps earlier I guess, but the team deserved a strong finish today and I did not want to wad this thing up with only a few laps left again.” My Tundra was really hooking up well I can’t wait to get to Primm.”

Johnny Greaves Gets Pro 2 Podium and Backs it Up in Pro 4 Class on Saturday at the Quarry

Chula Vista, CA (September 13, 2008) – Johnny Greaves put his Pro 2 on the podium with a 3rd place finish in CORR Round 11 and then moments later, got in his trusty Toyota Tundra Pro 4 and backed it up with a solid 3rd place finish in a hard-fought battle with Cenni, Huseman and Renezeder. The Monster Energy BFGoodrich clad veteran battled back from mid-pack starting positions with another “Greaves-style comeback through the back”. The Pro 2 podium marked the first podium finish of the year for the new truck that has been a developmental effort for the Greaves brothers this year.

“It feels pretty good to finally put it all together for a strong finish with this Pro 2 and the team is pretty happy,” stated Greaves when asked about the truck he built in 30 days prior to the season’s start. “This truck had to be put together so quickly early in the season, we are just now seeing the results of some real hard work by the crew and Shaggy and the gang over at TRD. While I am happy to hit the podium, I think my fans all know we won’t stop the long hours of development until we are on top and I am really looking forward to winning in the Pro 2 class.”

On the Pro 4 front, Greaves started on the 4th row alongside Toyota teammate Rick Huseman. Johnny moved quickly toward the front but was slowed momentarily by Ed Herbst spinning out in turn one, blocking the way. Greaves battle his Tundra back strong and made the pass on Huseman with two laps to go behind Renezeder and pole sitter, Kyle LeDuc.

“The Pro 4 is running well. I just got a bad break there with Ed. I feel pretty solid but I’m not going to get too used to this low-end of the podium,” Greaves laughed from the pits. “Curt and Brad (crew chiefs) are getting a break tonight – both of my trucks are in one piece!”

WSORR Pro-4×4 and 2×2 | Crandon, WI

Monster Energy Potawatomi Toyota’s Johnny Greaves Gives the Fans a Monster-Sized Win in Crandon – Dominates Pro 4 Class

Crandon, WI (June 21, 2008) – The WSORR was treated to some vintage Johnny Greaves here at Crandon International Raceway as Greaves made “Monster Mash” out of the competition in his Monster Energy Potawatomi Toyota Tundra, winning the Pro 4 race on Saturday by a “Wisconsin mile”. Winning in front of his home-state fans and Forrest County Potawatomi following was a special boost to the Greaves team almost mid-way through the 2008 season. The Pro 2 race did not turn out as well but enabled the Greaves team to do some needed trial and error testing as he broke out a new automatic transmission for the Toyota powered Pro 2. Johnny ended up in 5th place in the 2-wheel drive class.

“I really hooked-up well here at Crandon today in both classes. BF Goodrich has given me some great tires for Crandon,” stated Johnny. “While we are still putting the Pro 2 package together, the Pro 4 is really working well. I was really happy to get a big win for the local fans that I love here in Crandon. The Pro 2 is getting closer to what we want, it just takes some time to get a totally new and different package streamlined the way it has to be to be competitive in this league. I feel like we are getting really close.”

The Pro 4 race began with Greaves on the back row but making his way to about 5th place by the famous first turn at Crandon with Kent Brasho leading the way on lap one. Greaves battled with Brasho for three laps while Douglas was close on Johnny’s tail. It was shaping up to be a thriller when Greaves made the pass in the back turn and proceeded to “check-out” on the rest of the field. Douglas took most of the race to get around Brasho but Greaves had the big Tundra 4×4 half-way around Forrest County by that time and went on to another Pro 4 win at Crandon.

This was a good warm-up for the big “Potawatomi Chairman’s Cup Challenge race” to be held tomorrow here at the famed Crandon Raceway. Johnny Greaves has been very successful here over the years and won this race in 2006 and is the defending champion of the BorgWarner Cup.

Greaves Wins a Wild ‘Duel with Douglas’ at Crandon in Sunday’s WSORR Pro 4 Battle

Crandon, WI (Sunday June 22, 2008) – Johnny Greaves won his third race of the year in a wild shoot-out here at off-road racing’s “Big House” in Crandon. The Pro 4 field was limited, but anytime you have two past champions and a solid journeyman like Kent Brasho, anything can happen. The action with Douglas gave the veteran fans in Wisconsin another Johnny G comeback show that left every one wearing the Monster Energy Potawatomi Toyota team shirts smiling. Greaves had to pass for the lead three times to put yet another Crandon race win in the books.

Starting on the back row, Greaves came out of the first turn in third behind Kent Brasho and Scott Douglas. Douglas took an early lead and Greaves followed Brasho for a lap before moving into second. Douglas had a nice lead but Greaves went to work and was able to reel him in with the TRD powerplant putting the power to the ground via the BF Goodrich and KMC wheel combination. Greaves made an aggressive but clean pass on Douglas in the gravel pit turn and built a small lead that he held for a few laps. The lead went away rather quickly though when Greaves slid-out in the back turn, allowing Douglas to retake the lead and put some distance on the Tundra. The first-timers in the crowd probably thought it was over, but the regulars know Johnny Greaves and the crowd screamed as Greaves reeled in Douglas once again, making another exciting pass on Douglas to re-take the lead. With just a few laps remaining, Greaves surprised everyone by sliding out again and allowing Douglas to take the lead late in the race. With only a lap remaining and the white flag flying, Douglas blew an engine and Greaves, who was close behind, made the pass and got the lead just in time for the checkered flag.

“That was a wild one!” Greaves laughed after the race. “I thought I gave it away a couple of times but we just kept racing and it worked out. Scott and I have had a lot of battles and this one was no different. We always race each other hard and it was a lot of fun here on the big track in front of my friends at the Potawatomi tribe. I am just happy we could get the Pro 4 sweep this weekend,” Greaves continued.

‘Mud-Fest’ Cost Greaves in Run for the 2008 Potawatomi Chairman’s Cup Race at Crandon But Fans Loved the Comeback

Crandon, WI (June 22, 2008) – Johnny Greaves drove his “java-colored” Monster Energy Potawatomi Toyota through “hell and high water” today to finish second in the Potawatomi Chairman’s Cup Challenge race at Crandon Raceway in a rain-soaked and muddy affair. (The Tundra is really black and green, but the mud made it look like a Monster Java – coffee energy drink). The rains came down causing the perfectly groomed track to be slick and messy and causing havoc on the high performance racing machines. Greaves had the race in his grasp but a crash involving several trucks left Greaves getting hit hard and off the track momentarily in lap three, giving Kent Brasho the time he needed build an insurmountable lead on a very wet and downright muddy track.

Greaves started the race on the back row of the Pro 4’s and had built up to a great position by lap three. The crowd new Greaves was in a winning position already and it appeared Greaves was set to win his third Chairman’s Cup race. Greaves was close on the Pro 2 leaders in the turn just after the start/finish line, when a truck came flying onto the track from the infield hitting the truck right in front of Greaves’ hard charging Tundra and causing a melee of banging and sliding trucks. Greaves was hit from all angles and found himself off the side of the track and positioned behind a track workers vehicle, blocking his entrance back onto the track. Once Greaves was in a position to enter back onto the track, the officials held him up until he finally entered in last place.

Never to be denied, Johnny launched one of his patented comebacks and started charging through the field of mud-covered trucks to finish second overall. “In the end I just ran out of time,” stated Greaves. “I was really charging through the mud when the accident happened and I was really disappointed because I knew I was in a great position to win. It just wasn’t meant to be this time, but anything could have happened in these conditions.”

WSORR Pro 4×4

Greaves’ Big Crash Astounds the Crowd Again in BorgWarner Cup – Crew Goes Back To Work

Crandon, WI (Sunday, August 31, 2008) – There was little doubt that Johnny Greaves and his Monster Energy Potawatomi Toyota Tundra was the fastest rig on the track in the 39th annual running of the BorgWarner Cup, but his hopes were dashed when Greaves was pushed into the bank in the “S-turns” by a rookie driver as Greaves was in the process of chasing down ultimate winner Scott Taylor on lap three. Greaves had already caught most of the Pro-2 field by the third lap of the 10 lap race and it looked to be an easy win for Greaves to repeat as the BorgWarner champ. It was not to be as Greaves found himself spinning and flipping once again.

“I was really running well and thought I had plenty of room to make the pass when he just moved over on me and left me no place to go but into the bank,” said a very unhappy Greaves from the infield after the crash. “You know he moved over to the right and I thought he was giving me room but when I committed to the pass he just swerved right into my line and there was nothing for me to do. I guess he must not have had a radio or spotter, who knows.”

Greaves was especially disappointed because he just spent the last two weeks re-building the truck and recovering physically from a horrific crash at the Pomona Fairplex and the BFGoodrich shod Tundra was really the fastest truck he had strapped into all year. Greaves started with a third-place around turn one then immediately made an aggressive charge around fellow pro 4 speedster Kent Brasho. Greaves charged like a Monster bull through the pack and the huge crowd new he had this race where he wanted by catching the Pro 2 field in less than three laps. Greaves was making another aggressive pass on lap 3 when the rookie sportsman class driver moved over into Greaves sending him into a huge dirt bank and flipping several times. As Greaves’ Tundra lay upside down spinning on its roof, Scott Douglas who could not stop in time hit Greaves and sent him flying and tumbling into Curt LeDuc like a pinball machine.

“It was really frustrating more than anything else,” stated a disappointed Greaves. My crew worked so hard to give me such a great truck this weekend and we really were making a great run at winning this one – I thought I was ahead of the game in the race,” Greaves continued.

Greaves’ weekend was not all bad as he won the Pro 4×4 class race on Saturday by a huge margin. On Sunday morning in the points race, Greaves had the lead but was black flagged for hitting Scott Douglas after a mix-up in the gravel pit turn. He decided to save the truck for the cup race and backed-off wisely finishing 4th. The Monster Energy Potawatomi Toyota team will start re-building the truck and be ready to go for Pomona in two weeks. If you are looking for Johnny – he will be at work.

Johnny Fans Got Excited as Greaves Wins Saturday Pro 4×4 Race at Crandon Raceway

Crandon, WI (August 30, 2008) – Johnny Greaves showed why he is “the Man” at the famous Crandon Raceway by putting his Monster Energy Potawatomi Toyota ahead of the pack by a huge margin in the opening round of the WSORRLabor Day weekend races. Over the 10 lap race, Greaves made two magnificent passes that defines his talent and proven success.

After being hit hard in the first turn, the BFGoodrich backed driver settled into third behind Carl Renezeder and Kent Brascho. He followed for three laps and it was obvious that he was setting them up for a big pass. On the third lap he passed Renezeder and moved into second behind a very fast Brascho. On lap 5 Greaves came around the first turn all over his opponent and made one of the prettiest passes of the season in the gravel pit by going wide on Brascho and putting the Tundra our front. The rest was history and he won by a Monster margin.

“I thought I was not going to make it thru the holeshot turn with all the contact, but after that I was ready for them,” stated a happy Greaves on the podium. “I really set Kent up for that pass making him think I was going inside and them going wide – It was a fun race.”

Greaves received one of the biggest welcomes in his career back at his pit after the race. Over 100 kids were there chanting “Johnny – Johnny”! The Monster Energy Potawatomi Toyota team was really impressed with the reception and the obvious fan following in his home state and it made for a great start to the weekend.

“These fans are what it’s all about,” stated Greaves from the pits. “This is one of my proudest moments to have this big a crowd waiting in the pits for me here at Crandon.”