CJ Greaves Sweeps Pro2/Pro4 at ERX Motor Park

TORC–The Off Road Championship brought exciting off-road racing to the Twin Cities area this past weekend at the all new track at Elk River Motorpark. Johnny and CJ Greaves were ready to tackle this unique “Crandon like” track that featured extensive elevation changes, high-banked corners, flyaway sections, camelback jumps, multiple race lines and a fast, consistent race surface… an offroad racers dream! It exceeded expectations and Johnny and CJ took advantage of every inch for a clean sweep. CJ went 4-for-4, winning both races in Pro2 and Pro4. Johnny led most of the Pro4 race on Saturday, only to be passed by CJ on the last lap. He finished 2nd in both races but maintained his points lead, although CJ moved into 2nd by a narrow 8 point margin.

CJ celebrates his Pro2 win on Saturday at ERX.
CJ celebrates his Pro2 win on Saturday at ERX.

The new track is built on a 300 acre motorsports park that began with a snowcross track. The dirt was great but added the vision robbing roost that comes with a loose, sandy surface. CJ started on row 3 of the 7 truck field next to his arch rival Keegan Kincaid. By lap 3 of the 14 lap race, Kincaid was in the lead with CJ in his rearview mirror in 2nd. One of the tight turns gives way to a spit track, which gave the racers a couple of options and another passing lane. On lap 6, Keegan’s wheel caught the side of the berm just as he was taking the jump. This sent him crashing down the track and out of the race. CJ took the lead and held it to the checkered flag for his 3rd win in a row.

CJ made the quick turnaround to his Maxxis Tire/ Monster Energy/ Toyota Pro4 and lined up on row 2 with Johnny starting from the 3rd row. Johnny quickly took his Monster Energy/ Maxxis Tire/ Toyota the lead. CJ muscled his way up to 2nd and the two Greaves checked out from the field for another DUO battle while Chad Hord and Mike Jenkins were fighting for the 3rd spot. This is where they stayed up to the competition caution.

Following the competition caution, Mark Kvamme’s truck succumbed to the track with 5 laps to go, bringing out a full course caution. CJ began to pressure the elder Greaves. Johnny bicycled going through a sweeping curve allowing CJ to beat his dad to the split lane. He took the lead and the win on the last lap, edging him into 2nd in the points standings.

A night of intense rain showers would test the new tracks drainage and how much moisture it would retain. It lived up to billing and the track crews had the track ready, in near perfect condition for Sunday’s races.

CJ’s Monster Energy/ Maxxis Tire/ Toyota Tundra started in the rear and by lap 4, he was already in the lead. The competition caution came a little early when Nick Tyree’s truck caught fire.

With 5 laps to go, another full-course caution came out, bunching the remaining 4 trucks up, setting up a late race opportunity for somebody to make a run at CJ. Kincaid was in 2nd but CJ was on rails when the green flag flew. He held the lead for his fourth consecutive win.

Johnny and CJ do battle in Pro4 action.
Johnny and CJ do battle in Pro4 action.

Johnny and CJ started side-by-side on row 3 for the rolling start in Sunday’s Pro4 action. CJ made a quick dash to take the lead away from Chad Hord just as a full course caution flew to get the stalled Kent Brascho’s truck off the track. Race officials reset the field moving CJ back to 3rd. CJ, using the outside split lane, was able to regain the lead shortly thereafter. Meanwhile, Johnny was stuck in the back of the field, but was on a tear in typical Johnny G fashion to get back to the front.

CJ Greaves took his orange and black number 33 Maxxis Tire Toyota to a good lead following the competition caution. Johnny was on the move too–passing 2 racers in the split track to move into 3rd. He passed Chad Hord for 2nd with 5 laps to go and edged closer to the front running CJ Greaves. CJ ended up taking the win for a perfect four-for-four weekend. He also moved to within 8 points of Johnny in the points standings.

“I had so many mistakes in the beginning that after the yellow I told myself I had to get it together,” said Johnny following the race. “CJ has such a smooth and consistent way, and I was all over the place, I knew it would be hard to catch him.”

The TORC Series will take the week off and then head to one of the Greaves DUO’s favorite tracks–Bark River International Raceway on July 30-31st. This track, located in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan features one of the biggest jumps on the tour and some of the most exciting racing of the season.

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