Greaves Duo Podiums in 5 of 6 Races in Chicagoland

Greaves Motorsports and TORC-The Off Road Championship returned to the dirt track at Chicagoland’s Route 66 Raceway this past weekend for rounds 3 and 4. Last year, CJ Greaves turned in a record breaking 4-race sweep that catapulted him to his incredible dual Pro2/Pro4 Championship. CJ took his first Pro2 win of the season on Friday night in Chicago and was looking to rebound from his disappointing season opener in Texas in Pro4. But it was not to be as mechanical problems hampered him on Friday. Johnny was also a winner in Friday’s Pro4 race. Saturday, the Greaves Duo added 3 more podiums to their year–CJ backing his Friday win with a 2nd place finish in Pro2 on a shredded right rear tire. Johnny recovered from a a flat tire and a rollover and followed CJ to the line for a 2nd and 3rd place finish. Johnny maintained his points lead in Pro4.

CJ Greaves celebrates his 2nd place Pro2 finish at Chicagoland's Route 66 Raceway.
CJ Greaves celebrates his 2nd place Pro2 finish at Chicagoland’s Route 66 Raceway.

Friday’s racing was fierce in Pro2. CJ muscled his way to the front and led most of the race in his number 33 Monster Energy/ Maxxis Tire/ Method Race Wheels/ Toyota TRD. Points leader, Keegan Kincaid, struggle with some tire issues but was able to battle back and claim the runner up spot, keeping the points battle tight. Johnny also dominated the Pro4 race. CJ, after running very strong in the first part of the race, experienced mechanical problems that took him out of contention once again.

CJ started in the middle of the 6-truck Pro2 field on Saturday and quickly challenged for the lead by lap 2. Nick Tyree was up front when CJ pulled a smooth inside-outside move to take over the lead. Keegan Kincaid was also on the move and followed CJ around Tyree. The top 2 positions checked out setting up a showdown for the second half of the race between the runner up and the points leaders.

The field bunched up tight nose-to-tail behind CJ Greaves in anticipation of the green flag. When the green flag flew, CJ and Kincaid began to do battle. CJ went wide in the infield hairpin turn allowing Kincaid to duck inside, and the two went door-to-door through the next turns with Kincaid eventually able to take the position.

Kincaid began to develop a left rear flat tire with 2 laps to to go but was able to finish the race on his inner liner and take the checkered flag. CJ, also had tire issues. His right rear shredded to nothing with 2 laps to go. He drove hard and miraculously came in 2nd, keeping the points race tight between the top 2 positions.

The dynamic Duo of Johnny and CJ Greaves go side-by-side in Pro4 action in Chicagoland.
The dynamic Duo of Johnny and CJ Greaves go side-by-side in Pro4 action in Chicagoland.

CJ rolled-off from the poll position in Saturday’s Pro4 action. CJ was determined to get his Maxxis Tire/ Monster Energy/ Toyota back on track while Johnny was trying to keep his winning streak going and stay on the top of the points standings.

CJ led the 8-truck field to the line with a great start. Keegan Kincaid and Chad Hord were able to get around CJ early with Johnny working hard back in 5th. On the 2nd lap, Johnny got a flat but he stayed in the race, hoping the tire would stay together long enough to make it to the competition caution for a tire change. CJ continued to battle though, staying close to Hord while Johnny was trying to find a way round the 4th place Scott Douglas. CJ was going inside and outside of Hord, pressuring hard as the competition caution approached.

At the mid-race competition caution, Keegan Kincaid was in the lead, followed by Chad Hord, then CJ Greaves, and Scott Douglas. Johnny ducked into the hotpit for a quick tire change and rejoined the race at the rear of the field. Kincaid, filling-in for the injured Mike Jenkins, began to stretch his lead while Scott Douglas slid into CJ and took the position. Kincaid caught a rut, bicycled and flipped over on his side in one of the infield righthand U-turns bringing out a full course caution. Kincaid was able to re-fire his machine but ducked into the hot pit for a quick checkup. Bicycling became the nemesis for just about all of the drivers.

Kincaid’s bad luck was the good luck for the other drivers who moved up positions and within striking distance of the podium. Hord was now in the lead followed by Douglas, CJ, and Johnny, who was back into contention after earlier problems.

On the restart, Douglas stalled in the 180 degree turn giving both CJ and Johnny the opportunity to move up. CJ took the inside route and Johnny to the outside as they passed Douglas. The Greaves Duo then went side-by-side, Johnny eventually taking over the 2nd place position and charged ahead to battle Hord for the lead. With only 3 laps to go, Hord bicycled and nearly rolled. Johnny took a quick evasive move and ended up bicycling himself and flipping over on his side bringing out another full-course caution. The track crew righted the truck and Johnny was able to re-fire his number 22 Monster Energy Toyota.

Now in 3rd, CJ was not satisfied with and geared up to make a run for the top spot. Johnny rejoined the field and had to make a strong charge to get back to the front.

On the restart, Chad Hord pulled ahead to a comfortable lead while CJ battled hard to get around Douglas. Johnny quickly moved up to the 4th position. On the last lap, Hord spun out in the infield allowing the rest of the field to move up and handing CJ his first podium with the 2nd place finish and Johnny following CJ to the line in the third place–coming from the rear 3 times to make the podium.

The Greaves Duo will head to the Big House at the legendary Crandon International Off-Road Raceway for the first of 2 races on June 25-26 for the 23rd annual Forest County Potawatomi Brush Run. Last year the Greaves boys took home a lot of hardware including the FCP Community Cup race win for Johnny.

Be sure to watch the Chicagoland races on Fox Sports 2 on June 23 and June 30th at 7 PM ET.