Greaves 1-2-3 in Standings following Hard Fought Battle in Charlotte

April 25-26, 2014 — Johnny G Motorsports made the long trip from one side of the country to the other for rounds 3 and 4 as the TORC Series took on the dirt track at Charlotte Motor Speedway. The Friday and Saturday night races were full of exciting door banging action and both Johnny and CJ walked away with more hardware to add to their trophy cases. The converted oval dirt track featured only one right hand turn with long, fast front and back stretches. CJ went 2-for-2 in his Monster Energy Maxxis Tire Toyota Pro 2, taking first in both races. Johnny also landed a first place in Pro-4 and established an 11-point lead in the points standings. CJ took a 3rd place podium in Pro Light in Saturday’s race to remain in the top 3 in points. He moved up to 2nd and just 10 points behind Chad Hord in Pro-2.

The Monster Energy, Toyota, Maxxis Tire, FC Potawatomi, Method Race Wheels sponsored duo of Johnny Greaves and CJ Greaves were coming off a wild and crazy, 5 podium season opener at Primm and ready to build on the momentum. CJ was up first in the Pro Light class for the Friday evening race. CJ got a good start but was spun out by newcomer Jarrett Brooks on the first lap. The full field of trucks passed before he could get back on the track. He stayed mired in traffic leading up to the mid-race competition caution.

In the second half of the race, he managed to work his way up into 5th place. As the field raced towards the white flag, the front running Keagan Kincaid and Shawn Morris had a spectacular crash sending Kincaid on his roof and Morris off the track but still under power. The full course caution flew and the trucks fell in behind the pace truck. Race officials decided to finish the race as it stood. With several trucks off the track, CJ managed a 4th place finish and was unable to improve on it due to the caution.

CJ Greaves completes the sweep in the Pro 2 classIn the Pro-2 race, CJ qualified 3rd and started on the front row. CJ went right to the lead as soon as the green flag flew and led up to the competition caution. The top 3, CJ, Hord and Kincaid, pulled away from the field. On the restart, Hord tried to get around CJ but CJ’s number 33 Monster Energy Toyota was able to hold him off. A full course caution late bunched the field up once again when Kincaid hit the wall. On the restart, Hord pressed hard to get around CJ to no avail. Greaves pulled out to a 5 truck lead all the way to the checkered flag for the win.

Johnny Greaves also started from the front row in the Pro 4×4 class. His shinny black and green Monster Energy truck would be reduced almost to the frame by the end of the race. Johnny led lap 1 with no incidence. After that there was a lot of banging fenders with Mark Jenkins. At one point, Jenkins right front tire was in Johnny’s window net as the two hurled their trucks over the tabletop jump. With almost no fenders left and Douglas with a flat, amazingly Johnny was able to pull off the win.

Following a night of rebuilding the trucks, the team had all 3 trucks ready for Saturday’s races. CJ had a great start and was looking very strong leading all the way to the competition caution. On the restart, an overly aggressive Doug Mitatag began to force his way around CJ and Kincaid. CJ lifted to avoid more contact but it was too late. He suffered a right rear flat. Kincaid did a wheelie and rolled over bringing our a full course caution, allowing CJ to jump into the hotpits for a quick tire change. He rejoined the field at the back of the pack with only 5 laps to go. On the restart, CJ quickly worked his way up to 5th. One of the trucks in front of him over rotated and CJ took advantage, jumping 2 spots up to third where he remained to land a spot on the podium.

Saturday’s Pro-2 race was a replay of the Friday race. CJ took the lead on lap 2 and held it the entire race. There were a few skirmishes with Chad Hord, but CJ was able to pull away each time. He ended the race with a more than 2 second lead to complete the sweep for the weekend.

Johnny started 6th in the 7 truck Pro 4×4 field. He patiently stayed back to save the truck and keep it together to make a charge in the second half of the race. He worked his way up to 4th and passes Mark Jenkins for 3rd just ahead of the competition caution. On the restart, Johnny poured it on and was holding his line. As the top 4 trucks entered the turn, all four went side-by-side into the turn. As a result, Cenni got a flat and Johnny was shuffled back to 4th. He was unable to makeup any ground and settled for a 4th place finish.

Johnny and CJ are sitting 1-2-3 in the points following the hard fought weekend of racing: Johnny 1st in Pro-4, CJ second in Pro-2, and 3rd in Pro Light.

The team will have the month of May off and then head to one of Johnny and CJ’s favorite tracks for the “Throwdown at U.P.–Bark River, Michigan on June 14th and 15th. Watch replays of the TORC Series races on the TORC YouTube channel and