CJ Greaves Collects His First FCP Cup Win at 29th Annual Crandon Brush Run

Crandon, WI (June 26, 2022) — Crandon International Raceway never fails to produce exciting, action packed racing year-after-year. Even when the weather is crazy and unpredictable, the fans show up by the thousands to enjoy the unique entertainment that off-road racing delivers. This year’s June race was no exception. The Greaves Duo did their part in putting on a show for the Crandon faithful. The weekend brought some big wins, some little wins, and some turmoil but it was capped-off with a dominating FCP Community Cup race win by CJ Greaves–his first. Dad Greaves finished 3rd in the cup race that is a nice complement to his record 6 cup wins. CJ also pulled off a decisive win in Pro4 to extend his points lead over Kyle LeDuc. Johnny collected a 2nd place finish on Saturday after CJ developed mechanical issues. CJ also took a 2nd place in both the Pro Stock SXS and Pro Turbo SXS class races on Saturday.

CJ Greaves number 33 Pro Stock SXS Polaris RZR

Pro Stock SXS

Saturday: Another large group of 22 side-by-sides were wounded up and ready for the famed landrush start as Saturday’s pro racing kicked off. CJ Greaves had his Monster Energy Polaris RZR dialed in starting from the 4th position on the front row. The wild stampede of UTV’s hit FCP turn one without any problems, with CJ emerging in 3rd from the holeshot. At “calamity corner” CJ made the pass on Jake Kosmecki to take 2nd. CJ set his eyes on race leader Brock Heger and the two went nose to tail as they took the mandatory caution midway through the race.

On the restart, Greaves began to do battle with Heger. Both Heger and Greaves’ Maxxis Tires were hooking-up leaving CJ to meticulously look for a way around Heger. As the race time was running out, a full course caution gathered the field for another green/white/checkered finish. CJ and Heger put on a driving clinic on the last 2 laps with Heger prevailing. CJ rolled through the checkered flag less than .375 seconds behind the leader.

Sunday: The wind was whipping the flags as the Pro Stock SxS’s lined up for another breathtaking landrush start. 22 cars tried to squeeze through the first turn in hopes of grabbing the coveted holeshot. As turn one often does, several cars made contact with each other. CJ found himself in the dangerous middle of the pack and was struck by another vehicle resulting in a flat tire. The long ride back to the pits basically put CJ out of contention.

CJ Greaves Pro Turbo 
SXS Polaris

Pro Turbo SXS

Saturday: The huge field of turbocharged UTV’s gathered together on 3-rows awaiting the green flag. CJ Greaves took his Monster Energy, Polaris RZR safely through turn one and, after a smooth move in the gravel pit turn, landed in 4th. However, other cars did not make it through turn one safe. A huge crash brought out a full course caution.

On the restart, CJ and Andrew Carlson traded licks as they battled for position. With only 3 minutes to go in the race, another caution brought racing to a halt once again. This time CJ made a power move in “calamity corner” to grab 3rd and he immediately went to work on the number 45 of Rodney VanEperen–digging hard to get a podium. With 2 laps to go, CJ pulled a inside out move to take 2nd where he finished the race.

Sunday: Rain fell off and on as the Pro Turbo SxS class got underway on Sunday, which would play a roll in the race. CJ had a great start but a multi-roll crash by Scottie Lawrence in turn one meant the race would start with a double wide Delaware start. When the green flag flew, CJ drove his Polaris inside-out to claim 3rd with Kyle Chaney in the lead.

Following the mandatory caution, Rodney VanEperen didn’t get a good start and CJ flew past him into 2nd. As the race time dwindled, a late race full course caution brought the field back together for a green/white/checkered finish. With only 2 laps to go, CJ lost power due to a plugged air cooler which caused him to have to limp to the checkered flag with a 4th place finish.


Saturday: Monster Energy was well represented as 3 of the 10 truck field bore the familiar green claw in Saturday’s Pro-4 race. The Toyotas of Johnny and CJ Greaves were fast at the first of the race. Johnny and CJ swapped turns at 3rd place but a mechanical issue put CJ out of contention early. At the competition caution, RJ Anderson was in the lead, followed by Kyle LeDuc and Johnny Greaves.

Early in the second half of the race, LeDuc over rotated and spun-out, almost collecting Johnny in the process. The elder Greaves was able to move into 2nd. LeDuc, however, was able to continue and quickly rejoined the race. Jimmy Henderson was able to holdoff LeDuc who had another spin with 1 lap to go in the race. Johnny cruised on to a 2nd place podium. CJ Greaves managed a 5th place behind LeDuc which meant very few points changed hands and CJ maintained his top spot in the standings.

Sunday: The Pro-4’s and Pro-2’s had an early start on Sunday to allow prep time for the afternoon cup race. The 3-Monster Energy trucks of CJ, Johnny, and LeDuc were nose to tail through the turn one holeshot with LeDuc in the lead. LeDuc’s lead would be short lived as he spun out in the Argon corner, handing the top 2 spots over to the Greaves Duo–CJ in the lead followed by Johnnny.

LeDuc was able to recover and began to pressure Johnny for 2nd. LeDuc and Greaves went side-by-side but Johnny was able to hold on to the position as the competition caution gave the drives and the fans a chance to catch their breath.

CJ Greaves checked out and left the rest of the trucks to duke it out in the 2nd half of the race. LeDuc began to lean on Johnny but had to give-up due to a right front flat. As the laps ticked down to the final 2, Johnny had a heartbreaking mechanical issue which bumped him off of the podium. CJ grabbed his 3rd win of the season.

29th Annual FCP Brush Run Cup Race

The annual Pro-4 vs Pro-2 race was the final event for the weekend at Crandon. The 10 lap race started with the Pro-2’s getting roughly a 30 second head start. Just before racing started, the rain began to fall which would again be a factor in the race, giving the advantage to the Pro-4’s who have the extra muscle of 4-wheel drive.

Mickey Thomas lead the Pro-2’s while CJ lead the pack of Pro-4’s on the charge to catch their 2-wheel drive counterparts. LeDuc was 2nd followed by Johnny as the slick conditions began to get worse. By the end of the 2nd lap, CJ was already beginning to pass the tail end of the struggling Pro-2 field.

With less than 5 laps to go, CJ passed the leading Pro-2 to take the lead. He checked out. He did not let up but skillfully powered around the rain-slick track. Johnny was also able to move through the Pro-2’s. CJ Greaves, Kyle LeDuc and Johnny Greaves finished the race for a Monster sweep of the cup race.

This was CJ Greaves first time to don the coveted Forest County Potawatomi Cup ceremonial wreath and the whopping $10,000 paycheck to go with it.

Next Race

Next up for the Greaves Duo and Championship Of-Road Racing is the ERX Off-Road National at ERX Motor Park in Elk River Minnesota on July 15-16. Don’t miss it!