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Crandon, WI (June 28, 2021) — With plenty of momentum from rounds 1 and 2 the Greaves Duo was ready to take on “The Big House” at Crandon International Raceway. Weather played a part in the weekend’s setup with rain and unpredictable track conditions in play. Johnny, CJ and the entire Greaves Motorsports team worked tirelessly to have all of their machines ready to mix it up no matter what the conditions. On Saturday, CJ joined the field of 21 UTV’s in the Pro Stock Side-by-Side class and took his Monster Energy, Yamaha, Maxxis Tire to 2 second place finishes. It was a Monster Energy sweep in Pro-4 with CJ and Johnny going 2 and 3 in both the Saturday and Sunday races.


Saturday: Two rows of Pro Stock SXS UTV lined up for the famous Crandon landrush start. CJ Greaves and Brock Heger began to do battle right away on lap 1. CJ took the lead momentarily but Heger managed to regain the lead. The two went nose to tail and check out from the rest of the field.

CJ and Heger continued their fight through the second half of the race. CJ made numerous attempts to get around Heger but the two Yamaha’s were fairly evenly matched. CJ made a charge with 2 laps to go and, hampered a little by some lap traffic, was unable to make the pass and settled for a hard fought 2nd.

Sunday: Johnny Holtger took the early lead in Sunday’s Pro Stock SXS race followed by CJ Greaves in his Monster Energy Yamaha Maxxis Tire UTV. The two proceeded to pull away from the rest of the field to put on a driving clinic for the Crandon faithful. CJ pulled maneuvers to get around Holtger but was unable to get it done as the two took the yellow flag for the mandatory competition caution at the halfway point.

On the restart, Brock Heger, Saturday’s winner, managed to pass both CJ and Holtger, going 3-wide in the gravel pit turn. CJ took the lead as the two went nose-to-tail. With a little over an minute and a half to go in the race, Hager passed CJ in Calamity Corner and continued on to take the win, followed by CJ.


Saturday: Thirteen Pro-4’s, the largest field of Pro4’s in several years, lined up for the landrush start. The Potawatomi turn one delivered a blow to Johnny as another racer got loose and got into Johnny’s Monster Energy Toyota sending him into the inside K-rail barrier. He was able to continue but at the end of the field and with a lot of ground to make up. CJ had his Monster Energy Toyota Maxxis Tire 4×4 in 4th and battling RJ Anderson hard for the 3rd spot. CJ made a couple of inside out moves and managed to get around Anderson in Calamity Corner. Meanwhile, Johnny was back in the hunt, making his way up to 10th.

Adrian Cenni and Kyle LeDuc were running one and two but LeDuc would take the lead at the 8 minute mark. On the restart following the competition caution, Johnny was picking off one driver after another. CJ was also being pressured by Carlson. Carlson developed a flat and left CJ to battle with Cenni for 2nd. Cenni went wide at the Barn / Start Finish turn. CJ took advantage and moved into second. Cenni would pull out of the race and Johnny was miraculously now in 3rd with 2 laps to go in the race.

As the checkered flag flew, the three Monster Energy Pro-4’s of LeDuc, CJ, and Johnny crossed the line 1-2-3.

Sunday: Johnny Greaves lined up on the pole for the landrush start on Sunday with LeDuc, Mittag and CJ to his left. When the green flag flew, the field, reaching speeds of more than 100 mph, hit Potawatomi turn one. Johnny took the holeshot with his Monster Energy counterparts right behind him nose to tail. As they exit Cowboy Corner, LeDuc took the lead with CJ following him around Johnny to take 2nd. The top 3 pull away from the field all the way up to the competition caution.

CJ continued to pressure LeDuc throughout the 2nd half of the race but LeDuc would eventually pull away leaving CJ to take second and Johnny third.

“We gambled on the tire setup thinking it was going to be muddy,” said Johnny G. “We managed to stay up front but the track was pretty dry.”


15 Pro-2’s and 10 Pro-4’s were on the grid for the annual FC Potawatomi Brush Run, also known as the Community Cup race. This race is between the best-of-the-best Pro-2 and Pro-4 class racers. The Pro-2’s were given nearly a 40 second head start leaving the challenge for the Pro-4’s to run them down and pass before the end of the race.

Unfortunately, CJ Greaves was collected by RJ Anderson in an early race spinout. Both Johnny and LeDuc experienced problems on lap 2 that took them out of contention. CJ was able to regroup and crossed the line in 6th. Brooks was able to hold on to the lead and took the win in a Pro-2.

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