Greaves Duo Get Pro4 Wins at ‘The Big House’, CJ Goes 5-for-5 in Pro UTV, Van Eperen Wins Back-to-Back.

By Posted in - 2017 Race Reports on June 26th, 2017

CRANDON, Wis. (June 25, 2017) — Greaves Motorsports headed to the most exciting track in off-road racing, “the Big House” at Crandon International Raceway. The legendary track located in central Wisconsin played host this weekend to rounds 5 and 6 of TORC-The Off Road Championship. Johnny and CJ entered the weekend tied for first place in Pro4 setting up a showdown between the Greaves Duo. With rains softening the track to just about one race grove and the threat of rain present the entire weekend, racers had to search for different ways to get to the podium. CJ completed a 5-for-5 win streak in his Monster Energy Yamaha Racing/Maxxis Tire/Yamalube YXZ 1000R #933 and added another win in his Pro4 Monster Energy/Mutant Pro4 Maxxis Tire Toyota. Johnny won the Pro4 on Sunday and capped-off the weekend with a rain soaked win in the Forest County Potawatomi Community Cup race. The Greaves Duo went 1-2 with CJ coming in a close 2nd in the race. Johnny edged ahead of CJ in the standings by 4 points as well. Rodney VanEperen, PowerSports1/Maxxis Tire #845, added 2 more wins to his Pro Mod UTV record and moved up to 2nd in the points standings. Jake Lunderby made a great run on Sunday with a 4th place finish in his Yamalube/Maxxis Tire Pro Stock UTV.


28 Pro Stock UTV’s lined up for the famous “landrush” start. All the UTV’s made it through the wide-open sprint to the FC Potawatomi turn one holeshot. On lap 1, a rollover stopped the race. When racing resumed, the field went to the green flag in a 2-by-2 rolling start, with Jake Lunderby on the front row and CJ on the 2nd row.

CJ pressured the leader and made his pass for the lead on the final turn of lap 3 which he held up to the competition caution. The competition caution came a little early when 2nd place in points racer, Kenny Masch, had a rollover. CJ was the leader with Jake Lunderby mired deep in the field in 15th.

CJ Greaves led the field to the green and held the lead all the way to the checkered flag for his 4th win in a row.

Rodney VanEperen got the holeshot in his PowerSports1/Maxxis Tire #845 Pro Modified UTV in front of the 20 car field for the 10 lap race. On lap 2, Rodney slowed to take a local caution. Jason Luburgh took advantage and passed him for the lead, but Rodney was able to regain the lead a few turns later.

At the competition caution, VanEperen was in the lead followed by defending class champ, Treavis Poynter and points leader Kyle Chaney.

On the restart, Rodney held the lead. At one point, he got on 2 wheels but managed to hold the lead in spite of a hard charging Kyle Chaney. VanEperen took the checkered for his 3rd win out of 4 races.

8 trucks lined up for the landrush start in Pro4. Ross Hoek took the early lead followed by Johnny Greaves in 2nd and CJ Greaves in 5th. Johnny over rotated at the “barn” turn allowing CJ to take 2nd. On lap 3, CJ made a crossover move in the gravel pit turn to take the lead from Hoek. Johnny found himself in a 3-way battle between Kincaid and Hoek in which Johnny pushed ahead of the group to take 2nd as they took the competition caution. The top 3 pull away with CJ jumping out to a 2 second advantage which he carried to the finish line for his 3rd win of the season.


Pro4’s were up first in Sunday’s racing action. Ross Hoek got the holeshot once again but soon lost the top spot to the hard charging Johnny Greaves in the gravel pit turn before the end of lap 1. CJ also made the pass to move into 2nd. On lap 2, CJ passed Johnny in the FCP turn 1. At the end of lap 2, Johnny entered the final turn a little hotter than CJ, getting into his side and turning him around. Johnny rolled on through the turn and took the lead while the rest of the field went around CJ.

Keegan Kincaid was able to take the lead from Johnny on lap 5 following the competition caution. CJ was still working his way back up to the front and was in 4th with 3 laps to go. With 2 laps to go, Kincaid went high on the berm at the entrance to the argon turn. Johnny took advantage and shot ahead to take the lead. He had to work hard, but managed to hold-off Kincaid to take the win and the points lead. CJ landed just off the podium in 4th.

CJ took the holeshot from the field of 28 in the Pro Stock UTV class, starting from the inside for the landrush start. However, a 4-car pileup on the front stretch resulted in a red flag and a complete restart. CJ got a great start and jumped out to a commanding lead. Jake Lunderby was also having a great race, making it up to 5th by the competition caution, halfway through the race.

CJ continued to dominate the field in the second half of the race while Jake was able to pickoff another spot into 4th, where he ended the race–just off the podium but turning in a strong performance. CJ made it 5 in a row to take a 23 point lead in the standings for his Monster Energy Yamaha Racing/Maxxis Tire/Yamalube YXZ 1000R.

In the Pro Mod UTV class, Rodney VanEperen also put on a show for the Crandon faithful in his PowerSports1/Maxxis Tire #845. He took the lead all the way through the competition caution and on to the win, fighting off intense challenge by Chaney, who ended up in 2nd. This was Rodney’s 4th win of the season which jumped him up to 2nd in the points standings.


The final event of the day was the annual Forest County Potawatomi Cup which pits the Pro2’s against the Pro4’s in a 10 lap, no competition caution race. As rain began to fall, the wet conditions gave the Pro4’s a clear advantage even though the Pro2’s had a 35 second head start. With only 3 Pro2’s running, it would be the Pro4’s race to lose.

Luke Johnson won the holeshot for the Pro2’s. CJ Greaves got the holeshot for the Pro4’s with Johnny right behind him in 2nd as the the Pro2’s were nearly halfway through lap 1. On lap 4, CJ was attempting to pass the Pro2 truck of Brad Lovell and took the outside line. Johnny took the inside line and was able to pass both CJ and Lovell to take the top spot of the Pro4’s and just 7 seconds behind the leader.

With 3 laps to go, the leader in his Pro2, Luke Johnson, was trying to hold off Johnny Greaves who was on the charge and went over the berm into the mud. He was able to re-enter the track but not before Johnny took the lead. CJ was also able to pass Luke to move into 2nd. The Greaves Duo finished the race for another 1-2 punch. Johnny claimed his 4th FCP Cup win.

The Greaves Duo will head to Bark River on July 15-16 for rounds 7 and 8.

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